Helvoort Fine Art

I have been studying at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam and at K3 in Malmö. I emigrated to Sweden in 2006 and live on a farm in the countryside  nowadays.


I started off my technical background with a bachelor degree in Technical Physics and Photonics/Optics (1991). After my graduation I have been working within technical sales for 3 years and 11 years in the Information Technology.


In 2005, I followed my destiny and left the IT to start at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam.
In 2007 I started my own company Helvoort Fotografi and worked as portrait/wedding photographer (with studio) as well for companies.


Beginning of 2014 I changed direction more towards the fine art. During the years (from 2011) I have had exhibitions e.g. at Konst på Väg, Konstmässan Stockholm and in Gamla Stan Stockholm.


Over the years psychic skills started to develop and spiritualism anchored in my being. Nowadays I 'feel'

when I have to make a photo with my wooden box camera. Following my feeling I captured 'angels' and light-beings

among others.


For those who cannot or do not want to see or believe in these entities, the photos still give you a unexpected

strong energy.


I developed my own way of portraying the mystic power of nature with a wooden zone-plate camera.


I am at the start of my true path in life and cannot explain the cheer joy it gives me!


Welcome to my world