Helvoort Fine Art

Like I wrote in my ABOUT section, spiritualism anchored in my being the last couple of years.

Nowadays I 'feel' when I have to make a photo with my wooden box camera when it comes to other entities or strong energies.

It started with goose bumps or a shiver and recently I noticed I feel it on top of my head (as if someone put a hand on my head).

Following my feeling I captured 'angels' and light-beings among others. Normally I don't see the 'things' before I print them.


I developed my own way of portraying the mystic power of nature or the universe with a wooden zone-plate camera. There are no digital

tricks involved; all these photos are shot on film (negatives).


                                                                                      This is one of my first power-nature photos. Beam of Light is a magic sun beam falling on the forest

                                                                                      ground. When you measure the white in the light beam it is over-exposed and there are no nuances.

                                                                                      When however you focus your eyes just before or after the print/canvas you will see (and feel) all

                                                                                      kind of shades. Even if you don't do this the positive energy which comes from this photo will

                                                                                      certainly overwhelm you.











                                                                                      This photo is the battle between good and bad called Faces. I was walking my dogs one morning and

                                                                                      got the strange feeling which I started to recognize lately. I run back to the summer house, left the dogs

                                                                                      and got my zone-plate camera. I took two photos of the little river with forest background (upside down)

                                                                                      both with exposure time of ca. 4-5 minutes (so any explanation of shadows etc is gone). The first

                                                                                      showed nothing strange,

                                                                                      normal stones in the river

                                                                                      and trees in the background.

                                                                                      The second photo on the other

                                                                                      hand, shows clearly at least

                                                                                      six faces in the water.






                                                                                      This magical photo is showing the sunlight coming between trees in the shape of an angel or Christ.

                                                                                      It is a very powerful photo with a lot of positive energy. Even on the forest ground are strange things

                                                                                      happening... One can wander off into this fairy-tail forest for hours.













                                                                                      During an autumn walk I shot the moving tree tops and let

                                                                                      nature paint it's own painting in this long exposure photo.

                                                                                      Quite clearly it showed three faces.













                                                                                      This reflection photo has this

                                                                                      dream effect which makes you

                                                                                      loose the feeling of time. I am

                                                                                      still discovering more and more

                                                                                      'angels' in it.











                                                                                      I love trees and this crooked old fellow draw my attention.

                                                                                      Again I did not see what was in it before printing.














                                                                                     During a walk in our forest I stepped into a little ruin. Nature

                                                                                     got quiet, no sounds at all. Goose bumps time again. I put my

                                                                                     camera facing up and only noticed after many days during an

                                                                                     exhibition this little angel-girl laughing at me.












                                                                                     This early morning photo of lake Vätern has strange after effects in the printed version. I haven't been

                                                                                     able to see the same effect on the computer screen. When looking at the print sometimes an dark

                                                                                     triangle appears in the middle of the photo. This was not there while taking the photo and doesn't show

                                                                                     itself all the time.














Also on daily walks I started to see things in stones, trees, water and clouds. With the help of some extra contrast or color I made them more visible so you can see what I mean.....



iphone photo
spiritualims and clouds
zone plate photo
zone plate photo
zone plate photo
zone plate photo
zone plate photo
zone plate photo
detail of zone plate photo
zone plate photo